Jul 7, 2017

Spidey Night

I woke up feeling terribly sick this morning but I had a deadline to submit by noon. So I forced myself to work and submitted the design. I was planning to go work out before catching the movie with hubby but I just had no energy left to do anything but snuggled up in bed the whole evening. I couldn't sleep any second so I just covered myself with the blanket and tried to get some peace. As I felt better after a few hours, I then left home a little bit too late (thank God I arrived in Pacific Place just in time) to watch Spider-Man Homecoming. I didn't see the trailer so I watched with no expectation. I really like the movie, in fact the movie left a few butterflies in my stomach thanks to my fictional love, Tony Stark. The movie itself is an 8.5, but with Tony Stark in it, it reached 9.5 to me heheh.

Also.. I've been trying to catch up with the couture week happening in Paris right now and posted a few of my favorites on Instagram.

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A post shared by Dinda Puspitasari (@dindaps) on

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  1. Gue juga nonton Spiderman with low expectation karena menurut gue yang sebelum-sebelumnya udah bagus banget. Eh ternyata yang ini sudut pandangnya beda banget dan bahagia setelah kelar nonton. Plus Tony disitu keliatan kebapakan sekali yang bikin makin meleleehhh


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