Jun 27, 2017


Hello! Do you know anyone who would like to join me as an intern?
My former intern has found her true DNA as a geographer, so I need a replacement!

Job descriptions:
  • 2 working days per week (mostly weekdays, but I will need your help if there’s any workshop during the weekend)
  • Assisting on photoshoots 
  • Photo and video editing 
  • Assisting on content planning 
  • Assisting on contacting vendors or third parties 
  • Packing orders 
  • Basic office administration 
  • Must be able to operate Photoshop and iMovie/FCP
  • Eyes on details
  • Good writing and internet skills
  • Hard worker with can-do attitude
Working location: Jakarta Selatan

If you or you know anyone who’d like to join my team, please send me these to ps.dinda@gmail.com with subject 'INTERN':
  • Your resume 
  • Links to your blog, website, instagram, twitter 
  • Portfolio link or PDF attachment (if any) 
I'll be waiting for your email!

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