Jun 6, 2017

Back to Painting

Currently feel so disconnected to the outside world for everything that happened around the globe lately, bombing, shooting, attacking each others for the sake of politic (covered up under religion issues). I feel so numb and the phase where I just don't care is currently here. I thank God that I'm currently occupied with a lot of deadlines, so I had no time to dig up news about everything. I've been also avoiding driving in Jakarta because hell.. The traffic is insane. Also lucky me for not having many meetings during this Ramadan month, so the travel I had lately is only between my house, my mom's and my mom in law's. Whenever I feel this way, I always remind myself that painting always feel so good and it makes my mood better. So I paint.


  1. Betul banget mbak,lebih baik menyibukkan diri dengan hal2 yang produktif daripada ikut pusing dengan kegaduhan di negeri ini. :)

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