May 21, 2017

My Second Workshop This Year! OMG

Besides having live illustrating sessions at Edwin’s Gallery FashionArt Market, I also had my fashion illustrating workshop there. This is probably my second or third workshop this year, I’ve been very slow in hosting workshops or private sessions this year. First, because after I got married, I moved around so much and it was pretty hard to catch up and hold workshop. Second, I realised that hosting workshop really take a lot of time and efforts from my end. I have an intern who helped me doing workshops last year, but as this year the number of workshop is pretty limited, my intern helped me remotely and I did all the on-the-day preps by myself. But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my time doing workshop, talking in front of the participants, sharing all my tips and tricks in learning how to create fashion illustrations. But as I am half introvert, meeting a lot of people and talking constantly for two hours is a challenge, even until now. The third reason is simply I want to take a step back and learn more this year. I want to be able to have enough time to feed myself knowledge and new skills. Anyway, let’s talk more about my workshop last weekend!

I had this new idea in mind of having my studio set up in the workshop room. I brought my illustrations and sketches to the room, along with my tools like brushes, paints, pencils, etc. I wanted to share a bit of my world with the workshop participants. I also did a few illustrating demo so the participants could see how I do my stuff. Seems like this method is pretty effective because all the participants are actively asking me questions about the techniques or the executions. I’m also surprised by their drawing results. Seems like what they need is only advises on how to improve their illustrations. So proud!

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