Apr 14, 2017

April Life Update

14th of April, 2017.
I don’t know where to start!

Life has been rotating crazily fassssstttt (as many many many times I’ve said it in this blog). People say that adulthood is when dreams are killed. I don’t think dreams are killed at this adulthood stage. I think it’s the phase where I DO achieve the dreams I’ve been dreaming of for decades. On a side note, adults are super busy - and this is why we tend to forget our dreams. We simply are too busy to develop new dreams. I feel like talking about this adulthood and dreams in a different series of posts. Because I’m actually melancholy like that.

Now let me tell you a short story about my life in the past 3 months.
  1. Jan 22 - Got married to the man I’ve admired for 7 years
  2. Jan 23 - Flew to Bali for honeymoon. Stayed at a hotel in Seminyak (the room feels a bit creepy) and moved to La Camera a few days after (this La Camera stay is a gift from my hubby’s colleague)
  3. Jan 28 - Back to Jakarta, I stayed at my house, he stayed at his house. LOL. We needed to tidy up our rooms and stuffs.
  4. Jan 29 to Feb 8th - Stayed at an airbnb apartment near to my house.
  5. Feb 8th to Feb 16th - Stayed at my house because my mom is away for umrah. This is the phase where I learned how to be a good wife. Woke up earlier than my hubby, cooked meals for his lunch (this includes cooking the rice, 1 veggie dish, and 1 protein dish), then I proceeded to work on my deadlines. But if I have the laundry, I did it before I started working. Apparently I enjoyed this kind of new daily life a lot. Some of you might know that I love cooking, and to cook for my hubby was making me so happy!
  6. Feb 16th to Mar 16th - Moved to a private room in Akanaka residence in Kemang. It was niiiiiicceeeeeeeee. First, the property is top notch. I think the owner is an art enthusiast because not only that it has a really nice architecture design, but also is decorated with fine art home deco. And as it is located in Kemang, so I had a really nice daily routines while staying there. Walked to the gym and joined the morning class (my gym is also in Kemang, in a walking distance from Akanaka). Had nice breakfast or coffee by walking just a few hundred metres to Goni Coffee or Nalu Bowls. I would love to stay there again. And within this period, on March 9th 2017, Diana and I launched our very own #88LOVELIFE Vol. 03 - Priorities! We never thought that we would ever be launching a third book. But we did! Everything was too crazy on my side, when designing the book. The whole design finished just three days before my wedding. How crazy is that? More stories on this soon. 
  7. March 16th to 21st - Arrived in the chilly Tokyo and stayed in an airbnb near to Asakusa. The airbnb was really nice, the owner is very kind. They have this apartment in a resident area, which was quite easy to be found. The bed was really comfortable and I really like the way they decorate their space. I also did my first laundry using Japanese washing machine. I must say that Japanese made their life much easier. Even doing a laundry is automatically (from washing to drying), all you need to do is pressing a few buttons (not more than 3!). ALSO, it was the very first time I witnessed cherry blossoms in Japan!
  8. March 21st to 22nd - We stayed in a bus, LOL. We traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto by Willer Bus. This is the second time I took Willer Bus to travel within Japan. It is slightly cheaper than taking Shinkansen, but we can save more money from staying for one night in hotel or hostels or airbnb (you name it!). We always pick the over night trip, so we arrive at the destination early in the morning and ready to go sight seeing. I had a nice sleep in the bus because the seats are very comfortable, even more comfy than airplane seats!
  9. March 22nd to 24th - Stayed at Jiyu Jin guest house in Kyoto. It was a nice and homey guest house with the nicest staff - typical Japanese hospitality.
  10. March 24th to 27th - Osaka bound, stayed in another airbnb. This one is pretty luxury I must say, because the building has an elevator! Hahahaha. The room is very spacey, not as decorative as the Tokyo one, but just as comfy. The owner is really kind! 
  11. March 27th to 30th - Back in Jakarta late at night and went straight to Kemang, another airbnb (yes, another one) in Kemang. THIS IS THE BEST AIRBNB I’VE EVER STAYED Y’ALL. We booked for four days but stayed only three days unfortunately due to (sadly) high traffic jam and the fact that we needed to catch a morning flight to Singapore on the 31st. 
  12. March 30th to 31st - Stayed at my Mom’s for one night because the location is much closer to the high way, so we can easily catch the Uber to the airport. Our flight is very early, 6.10 AM in the morning. Flew to KL for a transit and landed in Singapore in the noon time.
  13. March 31st - April 2nd - We were in Singapore for Coldplay!! Can you believe it? I went to Coldplay’s concert in Singapore!! I’ve been longing to watch their concert for over a decade. I cried so hard when the concert started. It was too magical! (We stayed in a budget hotel near to the concert stadium btw)
  14. April 2nd until now - We are currently preparing to move to our own place, finally we are settling down. We rented a house near to my mom’s and mom in law’s. It’s an old house so there are a lot to be fixed and cleaning up takes a lot of time. But everything is 90% ready. We are planning to move in a week. Fingers crossing!
As you can see, there are a lot of movements (14!!) in the past three months. This is probably why I feel that January to March were just a few blinks. Too fast to catch up, we were living out of our suitcases. Originally this was my hubby’s idea to try staying in different places in the first few months after our wedding. I thought it was a cool idea so I said yes. My best friend already reminded me that I would find lots of drama along the way due to the non stop moving in and moving out. It’s so much fun to try different place to stay but it was really hard for me to draw, to paint, to do stuff with my art supplies. This non stop movement has left me with feelings of not creative enough to do creative things. I know this feeling is temporary, but I really need to brush these off my mind in order to be back on track and being productive. I must also finish moving to the new house soon, so I can work effectively and not having my mind being divided to lots of things (bzzzzzttttt). 

Another one, Diana is away in Switzerland. This is also pretty much affecting me, as she’s one of the not many people that I talk to every day :(

Ok ok let’s do this!

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