Feb 7, 2017

Story Of January

My wedding was completely a massive DIY project. Me and Rudi did all the planning and we asked our friends to help us along the way. We are so lucky that we have tons of talented and helpful friends who helped us for the big day. I’m thinking about sharing my wedding planning and preparation process in this blog, because seems like there are a lot of brides who have the same excitements of doing things by themselves, just like I do. My family and my closest friends were a bit worried of me because I wanted to do things by myself. No, I wasn’t a bridezilla, I just wanted to do everything by myself because it is my big day, it is my special day, I wanted to enjoy the process as it brings me joy. Preparing things for my wedding made me realise that I love process, I enjoy the process of reaching something. It feels very therapeutic. 

I will divide my wedding prep series from the pre-wedding (beauty prep, DIY pre-wedding photo shoot, concept planning, and event planning), invitation designing, choosing the Kebaya and white dress, decoration to the big day (I had the most amazing friends and nicest vendors who helped me on my big day, I want to write a nice thank you note in this blog because they are highly recommended). I also want to write about the drama I had in between. I want to memorise everything in this blog, because I simply love to click back a few years and read it all over again, it brings so much joy to me.

So, this post will be a hub from all my wedding series. I will update the links in this post gradually.


Dinda & Rudi

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding kak. We are waiting for your next blog posts :)


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