Feb 8, 2017

My Journey of Getting Better Skin at Surface Skin Habit

It started when me and Diana were in an activity with Cosmogirl! magazine with one of our #88LOVELIFE readers. We went to Surface Skin Habit for a facial treatment, call it a pampering day. I never had facial treatments before because I was simply scared and worried. My friends, who have more experiences in facial, always describe facial in clinics are painful. I thought there were no reason for me to try facial treatments, my home remedies were enough. My only facial problem was my acne prone skin. I didn’t know whether my skin is super sensitive or I had the wrong facial mask, but I used to have new acne every morning. It’s like I grew acne as I sleep. Terrible. 

Back to the pampering day with Diana and our reader, each of us had one treatment at Surface Skin Habit. I met the doctor and discussed about my skin condition before the treatments started. Honestly speaking, it was the first time I visited skin clinic and consulted with a doctor. I was so surprised that apparently I have a dry and dehydrated skin. It’s so dry and dehydrated that my skin produces more oil that it should, to keep it moist, but the dead skin and dirts block the oil from coming out off my pores and that’s where my acne problems were coming from. I thought I had the oily skin, so I used GlamGlow to suck all the oils and dirt off my face, and that is totally wrong. I should’ve used water based skin care products so it hydrates my skin, not the other way around. The doctor finally suggested me to try Hydradermabrasion with an additional pore extraction.

Long story short, I really like my first facial experience. So I instantly booked my 2nd appointment and met Inda, the girl from Surface Skin Habit. It was a few weeks after my engagement and she offered me to try their Glowing Bride package, because she knew that I had a wedding coming up. Basically this pre-wedding treatment package created to pamper the bride-to-be before the big day. The package includes the full face and body treatments that suits every brides' needs to get on their special day. As I really like the whole skin treatment series, I decided to get their Face package.

What is Hydradermabrasion? How does it feels?
Basically it’s a treatment targeting on various skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne, and dehydrated skin. It combines diamond microdermabrasion with a serum that you can choose based on your skin condition. I think I have tried most of them, as a skin journey. Clarity for acne prone skin, hydrating, and brightening. 

The treatment starts with facial cleansing (that feels really good), followed by exfoliating the dead cells with a machine called EnDouceur. The exfoliation feels like a mini vacuum cleaner roaming around your face. One time my skin was irritated that it becomes very stiff and this process took off all the dead skin that caused the stiffness. Seeing the dead skin on the machine output is kind of satisfying. After the exfoliation, the serum comes on with a ‘roll on’ machine. Finished by applying sunscreen, my skin never felt smoother before. It’s so smooth and my face looks instantly brighter after one treatment. Not to forget that they infuse a short series of face, shoulder, and back massage throughout the entire treatment, they are partnering with Meiso, so the massage feels sooooo good. 

I’ve been recommending Surface Skin Habit to my friends and families, since the first day I visited their clinic because I’m so hooked to them. The clinic looks very chic, the tiles are lovely. Dominated by monochrome colors and a few touch of greens. My skin definitely has gotten better day by day. I no longer have that ridiculous acne problem, only one or two hormonal acnes which is normal. My dark acne scars are gone. Even though it’s not that smooth-perfect-porcelain skin, but I never love my skin as much as I do now. 

I totally recommend you to try facial treatments at Surface Skin Habit. They are located in Setiabudi One, across to St. Ali. A reservation is suggested before you come to their clinic.

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