Feb 6, 2017


*typing religiously*

Where should I start? It’s been too long since I wrote the last personal post in this blog. 
I don’t even know where to start. 

First, I got married two weeks ago. I know.

Second, it’s February 2017 already. Where did even my January go?

Third, I’ll try to wrap a nice and decent post for you as an opening of my 2017 chapter. 

Life has been great. A sweet mixture between sweet, sour, and bitterness. Everything feels like completing each other, so it feels fine. My wedding was very sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. Sweet as in the perfect amount of sweetness. Finally we tight the knot after dating for 7 years (we broke up two times along the journey, by the way). I find it funny that I didn’t even feel nervous when I was about to get married. I felt so light and happy. I remember that my makeup artist came 90 minutes late on my big day and I just laugh. Like I had no burden in me. I think other brides would go mad hehe or maybe I should’ve been mad? I chose not to. She did an excellent job anyway. 

Before my wedding day, everything was crazy. I couldn’t even remember how many times did I told myself to give up. I had too much in my mind. Too many things to handle. I realised that I was too mean to myself. I should’ve given myself a proper space to breathe. I’m glad that I have passed it all. I’m glad and yet feeling so bad about myself. I shouldn’t pushed myself too hard like that. I am my own asset, I have nothing to replace myself if I get sick. I should’ve taken care of myself better.

This is the reason why I choose to be more relaxed in 2017 and focus on the things that matter. I want to focus in building myself, I want to improve my knowledge and my skills. I want to roll in more educational program, both of the formal or informal ones like workshops. I want to fix what should’ve been fixed last year. I want start new projects that has been in my mind for the past two years. I want to excite myself to new opportunities, not just chasing deadlines days after days. For now, I think this plan suits my new life as a wife. This year will involve a lot of adjustments and adaptations, that’s why I shouldn’t put too much pressure and weight from my illustrating career. I want everything to be in the right amount, to have the right balance between my life and my job. 

So, how are you? Do you have plans this year? Are you planning to chase your dreams aggressively or passively this year? Please let me know, I love to read other people’s thoughts. Because it simply inspires me to see things from other people's sight.

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  1. I pour my heart and put lots of effort last year, so hopefully i can be a bit relax in 2017 while still putting my eyes on my targets. Is that making any sense?.. lol.. I am so excited to build my self as well and reading posts like this just makes it doubled :) thank you and congrats on your wedding day!

    xo, Beauty Redemption


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