Dec 2, 2016

Kindness and Friendship

There is always something to be grateful about every day. It's not always about the earnings in your bank account, but more to the values of life. I feel like I'm actually an old soul trapped in twenty something body. 

Those thoughts are usually crossing my mind whenever I'm driving home by myself. Every day I keep on thinking how grateful I am to have everything I have right now. I constantly look back to the older days and keep on saying Alhamdulillah. Sometimes my melancholy side of me is taking over and I cry when I'm driving at night, because I feel that God is being really generous to me. Last night I was thinking about my life and the family and friends, that circle around me. I feel so thankful that I went to a good jr. high school which then lead me to one of the best high schools in Jakarta. Because without those two foundations, I wouldn't be able to be entering Universitas Indonesia. I used to be very proud with the label of 'best high schools' or 'best university in Indonesia', but now I started to think beyond that. It's not about the labels, it's about the elements in school and university that I treasure the most. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by friends who are very positive minded and smart. Without them I might have stepped to other directions. My high school was full of challenges, I remembered I cried a lot fearing to fail in exams. High school was the worst part of my education, everyone was so smart and I felt so behind. I failed in most of Math exams. I hated it, Math hated me too, I think. Every day was a struggle. But no matter how often I cried, I never wanted to miss one day at school, because I would've missed the subjects. It was clearly the hardest days, but now I'm happy that I have been in those hard times. Those challenges were keeping me busy to catch grades. I never had other thoughts than studying and making efforts to reach higher scores, which is a good thing. I never had my times wasted in high school. Every day is full of pressure to study and be better, but as people say, diamonds are made under pressure. And in this case, my friends are those diamonds. They transformed into smart personalities and sparkle beautifully until today. Each has their own charm.

I also feel very very very grateful for the amazing opportunities in front of me. One lead to another. This is one of the most powerful keys that I hold onto in my illustrating career. This job is kind of tough because I can only depend on myself. No more stable income. I have to think far before I make a decision, but I must take the decision fast enough so I wouldn't miss the opportunities. I'm a newbie in this whole freelance career, but one thing for sure is that money isn't everything. Don't chase for money because the faster you run, the more opportunities you'll miss behind. There are much more things to value, like networking, friends, and doing good deeds to help others. I believe that kindness will take you extra miles. You will harvest what you're planting today, and in my case, the seeds are called kindness.


  1. Ah, I remember the time when you told me that you hated skipping school! =))

  2. Hi Dinda, this is a very thoughtful post. I especially love the last sentence, it makes me feel warm to read this.

    filicia | The Tidbit Story


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