Oct 5, 2016

Art Supplies Shopping in Tokyo

I have a new hobby now.. Editing videos! So I've been wanting to share my thoughts about art, design, and illustration through a video for such a long long time. Because I think reviewing art supplies and illustrating tools are much better and easier through a video. If I want to review a brush pen, I have to write and describe how the brush tip feels like, which is quite challenging. Not to mention the picture taking. I don't think a blog post is the best channel to review and share my thoughts about art supplies. So video is the best answer. But my MacBook used to work veeeerrryyy slowwww when it comes to using iMovie, until I upgraded the RAM. Now as my MacBook works powerfully, it really affecting the way I work. Everything is done faster, I feel so productive. That's why I can do many things and try new tricks in editing video. Yay!

So yesss now I can share more ideas and thoughts to you through a video on my Youtube channel. This blog will still be active for sure. But the illustrating and design posts in this blog will be changed into a video from now on. I'm planning to review more illustrating tools and my fave art supplies regularly, because those are the main questions I received from you guys. Oh I will also be sharing videos about my book collection, because my enthusiasm in collecting books has been increasing massively in the past 3 months. Here's a link to my Youtube channel. Please subscribe because it means a looooottt to meeeeee. I promise to share more art and design topics in my channel. Pinky promise!

Meanwhile, here's a video of the places I really love in Tokyo, stationery and art supplies stores! I covered Sekaido, Flying Tiger, Daiso, Tsutsumu Factory, and Tokyu Hands in the video. I've been wanting to go to Sekaido for such the longest time. I was googling 'art supplies store tokyo' and found that Sekaido is on the top of the list. I was such a freak that I searched the location tag on Instagram and watched a few videos on Youtube, so I kind of knew how the store looks like hahahaha. The first time I went there, last August, I got sweat on my hands because I was toooo excited hahahahaha. I went there many many times this yearrr because I had 2 Tokyo trips in the past 2 months. I stayed in APA Hotel Shinjuku on my last Tokyo trip and it is located just 2 blocks away from Sekaido. Soooo happpyyyy!

Ok ok here's the video, enjoy! :)

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