Jul 21, 2016

Walk The Talk

July has been a slow, calm, with a tad of anxiety for me. It started with the holy month of Ramadhan, Eid came after, with a long pause in the middle, the national holiday. I'm getting engaged later on this week and next week I'll be flying to Tokyo. I'm juggling between a lot of things right now. It stresses me out quite a lot because I struggle a lot to bring my productive working mood back. You know, after that long Eid holiday, I have this upcoming Tokyo trip in mind. So it's really easy for me to slow down, which I think I shouldn't do - but I did. I'm really excited with the things and events in front of me. Bismillah. 


  1. Kak dinda! Hope you always well.
    Share your tokyo trip pleaseeee. Love the sneak peak on instagram.

    Putri | shecalledfashion.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you soooo muchhh
      Sudah ada one post, the rest are still in my head hahahhaha. Soon!


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