Jun 5, 2016

My Workshop Went Well!

Last Saturday I hosted my very first workshop arranged by myself. I have taught many workshops but all of them were arranged by a brand or a workshop community. I've been thinking about doing workshop by my own, but I never had the time to plan it until last week I met Heena, the owner of Hause. We initially met to discuss a project for Hause, but I suggested to Heena about my workshop idea. Hause is a really really really nice place located at MD Building, in the center of Jakarta. The place is so bright, full of natural lighting and has a lot of greens in the outdoor area. Hause is the perfect place to gather with creative minds. Don't ask me about the food, they're deliciousssss...... You gotta try it yourself. 

Ok back to my workshop. I announced my workshop on Wednesday and didn't think to have the class to be full because that was such a short time let people know about my workshop. But apparently I was wrong, my class was full booked! Soooo happy!

During the workshop, everyone seemed happy. I shared the basics of watercolour and brush lettering. In my workshop, I tend to share the basic knowledges rather than the advanced ones because I want to encourage people to bring out their creativity. I realized that people sometimes claimed that they are not creative, nor talented enough to start painting or drawing. I say, you are what you think you are. I believe that everyone is creative and creativity is all about practicing. So I encourage the students in my workshop to start creating a watercolor painting with a series of simple steps. I told my students that one brush can do hundreds of magic. You don't need to be advanced in illustrating to start a watercolour painting. It's not about the result, but it's more to the process. Because the process involved the will to learn. I personally love painting with watercolour, to see the colours blending with water and other colours is very therapeutic.

Here is a glimpse of my basic watercolour and brush lettering last Saturday!

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  1. Bikin lagi, Diiiin mau banget ikutan yang ini bentrok sama jadwal les jait huhu


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