Jun 29, 2016

Many Moons Ago (Collaboration With Stupkid)

Finally my collaboration with Stupkid is heeeerrreeeee! I've been working with Stupkid for the collaboration since the end of last year. We discussed on how we want the collection to be like. After a few brain storming session through chat app, we came up with this idea of covering a cycle of social trend or life phases. Started from the dinosaur era, hippie, pin-up ladies, 90's kid, retro, current trend represented by the pizzas and wifi, and the last is futuristic. It's a fun collaboration because everything turned out to be so playful and bold. The collection is available at Stupkid's website, People's Project (Kuningan City, Jakarta), Superspace (Singapore), and Megafash (Singapore). Scroll down to see the illustrations I created for this Many Moons Ago collection and the lookbook pictures!

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