Jun 25, 2016

Little Cafe Called Nolita

So I found this little place, that's not really far from where I live, called Nolita. It's a cafe that serves coffee and (mostly) breakfast meals. This cafe stands up in my list because the place is nice and serves delicious meals. The ambiance is so bright, I like to sit at the front, right beside the entrance. They have a list full of delicious comfort foods. They actually positioned themselves as 'coffee and comfort food', which I think is brilliant. As far as I remember, there's no other cafe who specialises in comfort food like Nolita did. I've tried their waffles and chicken something, which was exquisite. I personally think that sweets and savoury don't really match together, but apparently they did. The waffles have this fine crispiness on the outside and was very fluffy when I took a bite. The sweetness came from the maple syrup which I found was perfect, just at the right amount of sweets. And the chicken, can we have a special moment for the crispy chicken, please? They described the chicken as buttermilk chicken and it tasted sooooooooo good. It was savoury, and crispy, and you can really taste the spices got through in the chicken like they did a really good job in seasoning the drum sticks. I usually hate drum sticks because I think they taste not as good as other parts of chicken. So when I say I ate two drum sticks and I liked it, means that I r e a l l y like it. I've also tried the cherry crumble aaaand it was perfect. Actually I've tried the cherry crumble like a few years ago when they were served at this small cafe called Frangipani. I still remember that the cherry crumble is really good until yesterday I reunited with the sweet taste of that dessert. Price wise, they're slightly above other cafe but sure is serving better qualities of meals that are delicious. Love!

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