May 23, 2016

Notes From The Weekend

Illustration by Ryo Takemasa

Last weekend wasn't a happy one for me. I was on bed rest for two days in a row. I had my vertigo since Saturday morning and still until now. I have this low blood pressure which I thought was the trigger to my vertigo, but seems like I was wrong. I had to have three pillows to rest my head so I wouldn't get sick easily. I had to move my head veeeeerrryyyy slowly so I wouldn't have my vision being turned upside down. When I accidentally turn my head in a normal pace, I got so dizzy, everything was upside down, moving here and there. It's that sickening. As I couldn't handle the vertigo any longer, I went to the emergency unit in the hospital and got myself injected with some kind of vertigo antidote. It wasn't a miracle, but I felt slightly better. Though I still feel the dizziness until now, but it's still bearable. Vertigo has no medicine, the only thing I can do is to have therapy. Oh well, I just wish that I wouldn't feel the dizziness for too long. And you, please stay healthy! :)


  1. yeah... Vertigo is very suck. I also got vertigo sometimes if i worked and thinking too much. Sebenarnya itu signal dari badan kita supaya istirahat. Jadi untuk melupakan rasa sakit, aku bersyukur aja jd punya waktu totally lay down on the bed dan ngurangin main gadget.

    Semoga lekas sembuh :)

  2. coba berbekam mbak dinda..ibu mertuaku punya vertigo, tapi sejak rutin berbekam di kepala alhamdulillah ga pernah kambuh :)


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