May 17, 2016

My New Portfolio Website!

I don't know if you guys have noticed or not, but I have a new portfolio website! Yayyy! Previously I was using Cargo Collective, but I just don't feel like subscribing for their premium site because I have too many digital goods in my monthly credit card billing. So I decided to craft my own portfolio with my limited html coding knowledge, customizing here and there and tadaah!

In this new website, I'm showcasing my recent works. I realised that I have not shared a lot of my recent projects in this blog. To tell them in stories feels like a lame idea and (super) late. So I collected the pictures and images related to my illustrating projects and put it all together in the website. Here it is,!


  1. wuhuuuu sukses terus Dins <3

  2. selalu suka setiap postingan kak Dinda. mata jadi cling cling..


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