Apr 17, 2016

My Fave Place: Artland!

Last Friday I went to Artland to get some art supplies. There was only one item in my shopping list, but I ended up buying a lot of things. Thirteen markers, two pencils, two Daniel Smith watercolour paints, a plastic storage, a few brushes and some brush pens. Whenever I go to Artland, I bought much more than what’s in my shopping list. Because Artland is such a heaven to meeeeee! I shared a few pictures of Artland on my Instagram and seems like there are a lot of people who want to know more about this art supply store.

Artland actually have a website which is quite descriptive and detailed. They have six branches, but the one I visited often is the Menteng store. It’s in the second floor of Menteng Huis. If you go from Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro, you go straight until you almost reach the junction. When you see Bunga Papaya restaurant on your left, then Menteng Huis is already near, look to the right. 

Artland has a huge collection of art and craft supplies, from painting tools (like literally all kinds of paints, you name it), clay, calligraphy, architecture modelling kit, plywood, styrofoam (long, rounded, everything), batik tools, glitters, mask, canvas, etc, etc, etc. 

In my opinion, Artland is the place to go if you’re looking for a rare or unique item, that you couldn’t find in most bookstores or art supply store. This is clearly not a sponsored post, I just feel like I need to share info about my favourite places to shop for art and craft supplies. Go check out their website to see what they are selling, but I suggest you to go straight to their stores! :)

I'll try to share more about my art supplies and my fave art & craft shop in a new section in this blog called Behind The Art and Craft.


  1. Woaah! Emang banyak ya produk-produk yang gak bisa ditemuin di toko buku dan toko art supply biasa. Apalagi yang Touch marker, apa bedanya ya sama Copic marker? > v <

  2. Fantastic blog article.Really looking forward to read more.


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