Apr 19, 2016

Got Myself A Personal Assistant

It’s Monday again and all I can think right now is how fast time flies. I mentioned a few times in this blog that I felt like I’ve spent half of my time every day trying to finish the daily tasks. Ordering food, getting an online taxi, finding a courier to send my invoices, buying tickets, getting myself something that needs queueing, you name it, are actually cutting off my time every second without I even realised.

When I was still working in a startup, I’ve heard about this service provider called YesBoss, but I never put any attention to it until last week. A friend of mine mentioned YesBoss to me and told how she actually impressed by their service. She explained that YesBoss is a actually an SMS based private assistant service. She tried it for a few times and is satisfied with their service. She got herself movie tickets (with a nice seating selection) without even queueing. All she did was only texting her YesBoss assistant. She also tried to order her lunch because the food delivery app was error and she had her meal delivered on time. Seems like I should give a try.. So I did.

I signed up to YesBoss and got Clara, a female assistant for myself. I’ve tried asking her about a few things before I actually tried their service. I actually found YesBoss as a helper for me to finish or to get something with no fuss. Let me tell you in a timeline.

Arrived at the gym and was about to work out. I had a pretty tight schedule that day, a private lecturing, two meetings and a dinner date. I tend to be forgetful when I have lots of things going on in a day, so I asked Clara to buzz me soon as I got home, before I leave to my first meeting of the day. 

Drove early to my first meeting, my client wasn’t there yet so I took my time to reply emails and finish some works. I planned to have a dinner date that night and I feel like watching a movie too. I asked Clara for a help. I got my tickets for the night within a few minutes. Saved my 10-15 minutes of my time, no fuss. Two hours later, I drove to my student’s house for a private lecturing session in Kemang. 

I was at my student’s place, but the traffic was kinda bugging me so I need a sugar boost to lift up my energy, #lowbloodpressureproblem. I asked for a bubble tea, chocolate hazelnut milk tea with bubble, 50% sugar, 50% ice, to be precise. My order arrived in 30 minutes!

Second meeting of the day. Every body was on time so the meeting started early. I forgot that I had not book a table for my date, but I need a recommendation too, I wanted to have Italian food, but in a new restaurant that I haven't tried before. Clara got my notes right.

Time for my dinner and got a nice seat, booked by Clara. Dinner was pleasant, I loved the meal. Movie started in 07.30 PM, but I almost forgot that I had to buy a birthday cake for tomorrow, my sister’s birthday. Mom has been reminding me for a few times that day but I still forgot, too clumsy for a busy Wednesday. I asked for a recommendation from Clara.

Finished the movie and drove to the cake shop in a flash. Arrived on time at the store and got the perfect cake for my sister. Clara has clearly helped my to find the shop, I would’ve spent 10 minutes trying to find the cake shop without her help. 

I’m still bugging Clara every now and then, but I try not to be too dependent on her as it’s so easy to ask her to do things for me. Clara is there for me practically every day, from Monday to Sunday, 7 AM to 11 PM. Some says that YesBoss could get you so lazy to do things by yourself, but I think, it makes our time more efficient because we can do other things that are in the top priorities and more important. Have you tried YesBoss? I heard that now they have a long queue if you sign up for their service. Clara gave me a code for my friends to sign up with no queue, by texting BOSSDINDA to 0855-7467-0033. The service is available throughout Indonesia, so you might try to give them a shout if you’d like to try having a personal assistant like Clara! :)


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