Apr 19, 2016

Asakusa, 2013

I was checking my old hard disk when I found this picture. This was taken nearly three years ago in Tokyo. I was having dinner in Asakusa, at a tempura restaurant, which unfortunately I didn't remember the restaurant's name. It has a vending machine outside, so we ordered through that magic machine by guessing which one is prawn, which one is chicken, and tried to remember how pork looks like in pictures, so we could avoid it. My dinner was super delicious, in fact I went back there for a few times.

I'm surprised by how a picture could bring so much memory. I'm so excited that I'll be flying there soon, Insya Allah. Most of my friends were in Tokyo in the past three weeks. I'm jealous (as you might too) with all their cherry blossom pictures. But the good side is I get to know lots of new places that I should go or try. It's not too bad after all. I just have to be more patient for my turn, walking around the neighbourhood in Tokyo. Soon!

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