Mar 10, 2016

Why I Try To Drink Milk and Keep It As A Habit

I think it’s been a while since the last time I shared about my healthy lifestyle. I’ve been on and off for the past one year, but I’m trying to keep up with myself to maintain the healthiness.. and it wasn’t easy.

My main concern right now is my calcium intake. I wasn’t a loyal drinker of milk, but I realised that I should have started it. I drink a lot green tea or coffee every day, so milk isn’t in the first preference. I remember that when my mom was in her 30s, she drank milk every day because she knew that milk is really important for the body. Also, I saw a lot of old moms and grandmas when praying in mosque, most of them need help to walk the stairs up to the mosque entrance or using a helping chair to pray. It’s because of the pain they feel on their knee, most probably because of osteoporosis, which is the main result from lack of calcium.

I teamed up with Produgen to increase the awareness of our lack of daily calcium intake. I agree with them and I am currently in a phase where I force myself to drink milk and to make it as a habit. I feel like I should highlight this calcium recharge idea in this blog, so I can share it to you guys. This is a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t share this to you on the first place if I don’t like it ;)

A little expert note, when we were teens (I suppose that you guys are in your 20s like me), our body absorbed calcium from milk and other calcium sources and was in it’s best growth. Later when we reach 30s, the process will get much slower and the calcium in our bones will supply our body needs. You see, our body will steal the calcium from our bones and that’s a huge alert if we don’t recharge our calcium. 

Speaking about the milk itself, I tried Produgen White Coffee. I was actually surprised that they have this flavour. You know that I love coffee and I’m in my best effort to increase my calcium intake, so this white coffee flavour is like the best milk-coffee hybrid. It tasted good, like a latte with a rich milk flavour. Apparently, not only the good taste, but a glass of Produgen is also containing 100% natural milk calcium and inulin food fibre, which helps the body to absorb the calcium better. I like it, Dinda approved! :D

As what they said, “cepat recharge kalsiummu!”. You can find more about Produgen at

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