Mar 1, 2016

Be Careful of What You Wish For

Nobody told me that 2016 would be full of unexpected moments. I've been away from Instagram and spent more time in this blog, because I feel like sharing my personal thoughts. I've been treating this blog like my own diary lately, I hope you don't mind.

I honestly a bit shocked about what happened in my life lately. Today I might be sure about my decisions and tomorrow I could be on the opposite. Things are changing very fast and I never expected it. It's a situation where I can only rely on myself. But I need opinions and objective thoughts to help me to think clearly. It's the time where I have to remind my self that I have Allah with me. Or else I'll go completely nuts.

I pray everyday, still far from perfect but I try to follow what the holy Qur'an says. I tell Allah what my wishes are during my prayer. But I forgot that I also told myself what my wishes are when I'm working, driving, or just staring blankly at something and drowned in my mind. I told my friends what are my wishes when I met them last week. And boom, I got it yesterday. I got my wish granted in the weirdest way that I could imagine. It's crazy. Too crazy for me to handle.

Above all the dramas in front of me, I feel blessed that I have Allah with me.

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