Feb 11, 2016

Solo Trip, Laneway, and All

My short trip to Singapore last week made me happy! And here I have a few things to tell you..

Went there mainly for Singapore Laneway Festival 2016. On the side notes, I need some kind of refreshment from the routines and deadlines. I haven’t had a break or holiday since public holiday during Eid last year. I resigned and threw myself to a pool of deadlines of projects, continuously until now. It’s like a marathon, even a runner needs a break, right? :D

When I saw the lineup of Laneway Singapore 2016, I screamed because I saw Flume, Hermitude, and Chvrches. I immediately booked a ticket with no hesitation. It was kind of pricey, but I bought it anyway because I had savings and I really like Flume. One of my saving purpose is to help myself (sounds super lol) buying concert ticket without thinking twice. Anyway, I asked a friend if I could join her at the festival, because going there alone seemed pretty lonely. I booked a ticket for two. I screamed for the second time a few weeks later because I saw Grimes in the artist lineup. Gosh, I love her tunes!

I booked my flight a bit later and decided to have one day before and after Laneway to go around the city and spend my time alone. I was kind of nervous before the trip. Knowing that I’ll be alone for three days was pretty nerve wrecking. It’s only three days and it’s only Singapore. Yeah I know. But for someone who is 50% introverted, it successfully made me stressed. I’ve been to Singapore many times, but never been there all alone. In fact, I never been to a solo trip for all my life. 

What I really love from this really short getaway is that I did everything just when my heart said so. I walked under the sun until my feet hurts, ate once a day (and no one complained), woke up late and didn’t rush myself to go out, I literally spoiled myself and I love it. It feels sooooooo good to do things just how I love it.

Unfortunately I didn't met my friend at Laneway because her phone dead and there was an ocean of people and it was really hard to find her among the thousands. So yes I spent my Laneway alone hahahahahahaha. That was the worst thing in my mind before the festival. Turned out that it wasn't that bad. Well, it was a bit scary to enter the venue and explore the whole place alone. Yes it was a bit boring to wait all alone, but when my fave musicians were up there, everything was too epic to complain. 

I went to Singapore National Gallery and wowed by the paintings, installations and the architecture. I'll write about it more in an upcoming post. Also went to my fave street, Haji Lane, on my last day in Singapore. To me, Haji Lane is such a happy place and I never get bored of it no matter how often I walk along the street. It's full of small and cute stuff, handmade, creativity, quirkiness, it feels soooo me. 

I'm happy that the trip has brought me lots of inspirations. I think I should go on a solo trip more often, don't you think? :D


  1. Going on a solo trip is one of my dream, kak Dinda!! :D :D
    Great photos! It reminds me of Hello Sandwich.

    Big Dreamer

  2. Aw great kak! as my lecture said, do solo traveling is a way become a good driver, yeah good self driver. Haji Lane is such a lovely place kak, I agree.
    Wish me luck on my solo trip next month hehe :D


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