Feb 14, 2016

Messy Schedules and Late Night Thoughts

My schedule for the past one week was a mess. I violated my own rule by not going out more than two days (Tuesday and Thursday) in a week and I'm completely lost my focus in doing things. I went out exactly 5 days in a row, even tomorrow today which is Sunday. I couldn't work, I don't have the time to do things properly. I spent most of my time driving and meeting people. Lesson learned, I must not breaking my own rules. 

Anyway, besides my messy schedule, I finally got my work out mood back, big time. I have a Fitness First membership but I must say that I haven't been a good one since I rejoined the gym last year. It's been full of ups and downs (more to the down ones I guess). Sometimes you just need a kick and there you are in the muay thai session at the gym. I rejoiced myself for this one. I'll try my best to keep this mood up in the air. Alsoooo, I signed up for Soulbox with Diana. I gotta say that a friend who has the same fitness goal is the one you should have in your life. So when you're lazy, you have that friend who will kick you out of the bed and get sweaty at the gym.

I met a lot of people in this week. I talked a lot and listen even much more. I just realised a few hours ago that I finally knew what my next goal is as a result of talking with so many people from different backgrounds. I've said this many many many times in interviews, but I probably have never said it in this blog that I am highly inspired by conversations. I speak about what I have in mind and I ask for opinions from the people I met. I believe that the more you listen, the 'richer' you are. 

Apparently my messy schedule wasn't that bad after all. It helped me to determine what I want to achieve next. Oh well, nothing is ever too bad to be in your life. It's just how you see it from your own perspective. Good night!

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