Jan 7, 2016

Thoughts of 7/366

First of all, let me say this before I tell you much more about what happened recently.

It’s the 7th day of the year and I feel sooooo lazy :D

I started this year at slow pace, no short time plan, no rush, no deadline. It’s a blue ocean for me, it’s clear and feel so free. I sleep after mid night, wake up a bit later than usual, take a nap in the afternoon whenever I feel like to, watch movies in my room — which I haven’t been doing in ages, swiping on pinterest to admire other artists’ works, work out at the gym and join the classes, read blogs — by reading means clicking on the ‘older page’ button for multiple times, basically I do things that I’ve been longing to do for quite a long time. It feels good to loosen up a little. I know that there’s a line between loosing up and being lazy, I gotta keep myself together for not hitting the lazy part of my self. I can say that I was in a marathon since September last year. I kept on running over times, deadlines, emotions, — everything, until the new years eve a week ago. So happy that I’m able to enjoy my time at the fullest by the beginning of this year :)

I don’t have a specific topic that I want to share in this post. I just want to talk about random things that I feel, that I like recently. Ok here we go.

I’ve been listening to Burberry Acoustic a lot lately. It’s a playlist on Burberry’s Youtube channel. I’m so surprised that Burberry has this really nice acoustic playlist featuring indie bands and singers from UK. I found the playlist when I was searching on James Bay — this is another gold of the month. The artists featured in the playlists are amazing. They sing that kind of song that makes me smile whenever they start singing. The songs warm my heart instantly. It’s the kind of song I’d love to listen at night or in the late afternoon while sipping on my chamomile peppermint tea.

I’m a coffee lover, always, but lately I’m very into tea. As what I’ve told in my previous posts, I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea to help me reducing my addiction to coffee. It works really well. I still drink coffee when I want to, but the thirst for coffee is no longer that strong. I’m surprised. I found my self sipping on two big glass of warm green tea every day and another glass of other tea like chamomile tea. I recently tried Twinings’ chamomile spearmint tea and I’m hooked. I normally don’t like mint tea, but somehow I really like how it soothes my tastebud when it comes in a tea bag along with the chamomile.

I watched The Intern last night and I reaaalllyyy like the movie! I didn’t expect for such a really nice story from the movie. I thought it would only be some dramas happening in the office, but it’s clearly much more than that. I like how the movie connects with me in multiple ways, the office setting, the apps they are using in the movie, the things they are doing in the e-commerce office, the feelings, etc, etc. Everything feels so current and modern. It tickled me a little and made me miss to be working in such a dynamic office like that, like those days when I was still working in the advertising agency. Oh those busy days, I kinda miss you.

I’m expecting to launch something I really like by next week. Something that I made with all my heart, sleepless nights, countless glass of coffee and green tea, and of course, excitements. I couldn’t tell you much right now, but I will share lots when I’m allowed to!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you here with songs from Burberry Acoustic playlist. Enjoy!


  1. thanks kakak dinda... that's a relax song. enjoy it. hope in 2016 you get some new idea for your creation work . and I'm waiting your next masterpiece illustration :)

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