Dec 31, 2015

My Reddish Brown Hair by Shiseido

Last month I was invited by Shiseido to have a hair colouring and hair cut at Shonju Hair Art Gallery. I love to try something new for my hair. I’ve had long hair, medium hair, bob, shortest bob, pixie, a pixie and a bob (asymetrical), you name it. Extreme hair cut is not a challenge for me, because hair grows anyway. I love the feeling of a freshly cut hair, it makes me happy. So I said yes to the Shiseido team and made appointment for my treatment.

The Shiseido team told me that I should consult with the hair designer first before having the hair colouring because I dyed my hair black a year ago, so they were not sure if the dying my hair was the right thing. When the hair designer, Sonny, saw my hair; he seemed a bit unsure to dye my hair. He told me that I have to cut my hair very short to get rid of the black dyed hair, and only leave the natural hair colour. He seemed surprised when I told him that I’ll do the short hair with no hesitation. That’s how my hair looks like in the past 3 years, the shorter the better hahaha.

Chop chop chop.

It was quite short, but not as short as the previous one. I liked it even when my hair was still wet. Then the team continued to the colouring process. I chose the reddish hair colour, which is inspired by the girls in Shibuya. There’s a story behind the hair colour! So the Japanese girls are naturally black haired, they don’t want to look too bold during the office hour, black or brown are okay. When the night approaches, of course they want to look the opposite. They want their hair to look stylish and chic, this is where the daring colors show up. Long story short, Shiseido tried to capture both needs and situation by mixing them all together. So in my case, they parted my hair into 3 layers. the top layers were left untouched, to maintain the natural hair colour. The second layer was dyed into brown, and the third layer is the fiery red. They are using all Shiseido products for the hair colouring (to the hair wash). I love that the hair dye didn’t smell bad like other hair dye products. Oh! The best one is Shiseido shampoo. It smells really nice, very soothing and calming.

It took me five hours from the hair cut to the hair colouring to finish. The result is……… so gorgeous! First, the hair cut is the nicest short hair I’ve ever had. It looks really nice however I part my hair, left or right, it looks unbelievably nice. You know, sometimes your hair cut looks nice only in certain hair style, like if you part it on the right side. Imagine if it looks nice however you part it. Hahahah! Second, the hair colour turned out so pretty! The fiery red only comes out if I flip my hair or if I do certain styling to my hair. The rest, it looks brownish and somehow makes my skin looks brighter. 

Shiseido didn’t pay me to write good review about the hair colour, but they totally deserve my genuine review, right from my heart, because I realllyyyy love my hair right now. I definitely will go back to Shonju Hair Art Gallery for my next hair cut, because what they did to my hair was really cool!

Here’s my hair designer Instagram, I think you’ll need to make an appointment if you’re thinking about having a treatment at Shonju.

Until the next post!

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