Nov 28, 2015

Creativity on The Go

It’s only 5 days since I resigned, yet it’s been one of the most hectic weeks in 2015. I’m really excited to welcome all the opportunities and projects in front of me. Everything looks very exciting to me, but I must not say yes to all of them unless I’ll be drowned in deadlines and projects. It’s kinda hard to say no when your hear say yes. The logic rules a lot in this case. I’ve had lack of sleep since Monday, I worked up to 18 hours each day, catching the deadlines, meeting with new clients and trying to cope with my own self. I admit that it’s really hard to manage schedules and to work on drafts while I’m on the go. 

Last week I literally thought that I should get a tab for myself. I had a discussion with my friend about it. She has a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, she showed me the S Note app and I’m so hooked. Since a laptop is too big and a phone is simply too small to work with while I’m on the go, so a tab is the perfect one, right? 

All of sudden, the guys from Samsung contacted me and asked whether I’d like to try their Samsung Galaxy Tab A. 



Of coursssseeee I said yes!

The tab has been going out with me every day since I received it. I loooove iiiittt. I love that I can make notes, layout drafts and illustrations on the SNote app. The SPen (stylus) makes it feels like I’m working on my Wacom. The pen pressure, the brush/pen selections, colors, the app and the SPen literally have everything I need to put my ideas into paper lively notes. I can attach pictures and put my notes on it. I can simply do anything I want hahahahah I love it. These are my favourite features of the tab. 

Another thing is the Multiwindow feature. So when I work (or drive), I listen to music from Youtube, because it has that nice Youtube playlist, am I right or am I right? But Youtube can not be played in the background if I open the app from my mobile phone. So the music is off if I switch to other app, you got my idea here, right? This Multiwindow feature on Samsung Galaxy Tab A is kind of brilliant because I can open 2 apps at the same time. So I can simply listen to songs or watch music videos/vlogs on Youtube while using other app. As seen on the picture below, I’m watching Justin Bieber’s Sorry music video (ughh his songs are so good now!) and drawing at the same time. I love that the tab allows me to multitask. 

The last thing is that the tab has 4G LTE connection, so buffering videos is fasterrrr. The faster the better! I love love love my tab. You can find some other creative minds who are using the same tab as mine on Instagram by checking the hashtag #BeginTheAction. Thanks Samsung!


  1. Dindaaa kerenn! Gue suka nyoba ngegambar di samsung gue tapi note 2 sih, cuma kaya garisnya kurang mulus. Tapi kalo liat disini bagus yaaaa! XD

    1. Iyaaaa temenku juga bilang gitu, kayaknya ini memang lebih bagus dibanding note 2. tapi aku kurang tau juga karena gak cobain sendiri :D

  2. huwaahh tulisan tangannya mbak.e bagusss lhoo
    *ajungin 2 jempol , pinjem tangan temen lagi 2 jempol hhheee


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