Oct 4, 2015

The Kawaii The Better

As I've mentioned on my previous post about Sony Kawaii Camera, this post will be talking about the results taken with the Kawaii camera. I've also mentioned the wide lens before, but I gotta talk about it again this time. The wide lens really makes my photo taking a lot easier. I'm a fan of taking pictures of my desk or meals from above. With the wide lens, I don't have to stand up and lift my hands up in order to take a perfect top angle picture. It's like when I sit, I only need to lift the camera as high as my forehead, then everything on the table will be nicely captured in the picture. Same thing happens on outfit photo taking. I'm a lover of blank and colourful walls, but sometimes the walls are in a small alley that my smartphone wouldn't been able to capture a full body picture. Again, with the wide lens, that's not a problem. On the first picture below, R took my picture by only standing 2 metres away from me. That's very close, too close for a full body shot. But the camera can do that, perfectly. 

The last thing I'd like to mention is the colour contrast. The colours in the pictures taken by Sony Kawaii Camera are somehow looks more contrast and vivid. Refer to my daisy picture below. Look how the flowers look very contrast to the background, which is not that contrast in real life. It pops up the bright colours. Love it!

For more photo results taken by my Sony Kawaii Camera, please read my Bali holiday day 1, day 2, and my recent workshop posts.

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