Oct 17, 2015

She's Getting Married

My verrrryyyy good friend is getting married next year and she asked me to be her maid of honor!

I wouldn't spill a name here as she still keeps it silent, I don't want to tell the good news before she does. When she told me that she's getting married, I'm all surprised and out of words. I'm sooooo happy for her, didn't expect to see her getting married so soon but I'm literally happpyyyy. The fact that the guy is also a good old friend of mine, which I know really well (we have been friends for more than 10 years) is making me even happier. Finally the good girl finds the good and the right guy for her. I'm utterly happy like very very very happy!

When she asked me to be her maid of honor, of course I said yes. I'm more than 100% willing to help her to prepare for her wedding. What wouldn't you do to your best girl friend, right? :)

She handed me a bag full of thoughtful gifts as a maid of honor survival kit. It's very thoughtful that she had me in awe and surprised. Everything is literally the things I need, or I've been wishing for for quite a while, or my ultimate favorite ones. Thank you sooo much, you know who you are! I really hope everything will be going well, I have your back whenever you need me. Kisses!

She realises my latest addiction, green tea. 
Green tea as a tea, not as a flavor. 


  1. can;t wait to see you as a maid of honour! Do update soon :) And it's nice seeing your bestfriend knew all your favs. Happy Married for your bestfriend.

    1. Yesss it feels nice when someone knows you that well, like she even know I like hand cream while I don't realise that I do moisturising my hands that much ahaha. Thanks dearesstttt!


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