Oct 23, 2015

Autumn Thoughts

So I found this very young girl talking and singing on Youtube, I really like her. She looks so young, genuine and very talented (hey, she wrote her own song and her songs are amazing). Listening to her talking about her daily life is reminding me of the younger version of me, like the 15 years old of me. She looks happy and cool, she's totally fine, but somehow she reminds me of the unhappy me when I was a teen. I wasn’t a happy young girl back then, I was full of insecurities and I hate a lot of things. I questioned too many things in life. I questioned why didn’t I have that, why didn’t God let me have a happy life and all. I cried very often. I wasn't a spoiled brat, totally not. I was so mad of everything because back then my life wasn't a caramel cupcake with sugar sprinkles on top. Life wasn't really sweet. I was struggling with the fact that my family had to deal with. Oh man, opening my teen memories is not a happy thing to do. Let’s just close it off with Nicole’s song. Hey girl, thank you for making good music. Keep on singing!


  1. glad that you already went through those memories well Kak :D Semoga ke depannya selalu bahagia, sukses dan semakin bersyukur lagi. Hihii.

  2. You know, by reading this already gave me such a great feeling. I am a silent reader before, and I want to thank you for writing a blog with a friendly, relaxing and lovely atmosphere that I 'd love to read everyday as a daily basis.

    Anyway, since I currently into youtube, I should definitely chech her channel too!


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