Sep 13, 2015

Cerita Kita Casting Call (Batch 2)!

Had a great time yesterday at Cerita Kita casting call with Clean n Clear and Gogirl magazine. It's the second time this year I became one of the coaches at the workshop. I shared some tips and basic photoshop knowledge which most of my class participants already knew. So I mostly talked about the creative thinking and developing the concept before making the design itself. I'm happy to be a part of a positive event like this, full of great talents and positive minds. Here are some of the pictures I took with my Sony Kawaii camera, except the first one which I grabbed from @gogirlmagz. Thanks Cerita Kita for having me and congrats for the 2nd batch winners! :)

Judging time!

With some of my graphic design class participants

Here is the layout I made during my class. The brief was to create an image that represents a self reflecting and featuring 10 items that describe yourself. The items shown in my layout don't describe me as a person, but they are more to the items that I really like at the moment.

Lily Rose for Chanel, Style Nanda lookbook, and other images shown don't belong to me. I collected them from Pinterest. If the owners of the images want me to take the image off this blog, please let me know!

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