Aug 16, 2015

The Unpublished #88LOVELIFE

During #88LOVELIFE book signing, I often got asked what are the difficulties in making #88LOVELIFE, how did I and Diana manage the collaboration, etc etc. In this post, I'd like to answer a few questions related to designing in the collaboration itself. 

When Diana and I first met for this book in June 2014, we knew that Diana is responsible for the text and I am responsible for the illustration and the whole book design. Even though we have our parts, but we discuss for everything that we've put in the book. I gave feedbacks to Diana about the quotes, which one is best, which one is too long, which one comes first, etc. To get the  right mood for each quotes, I talked to Diana a lot. Then I made the illustration and the layout (combining the illustration and text to make them look pleasant to your eyes). Things went a little rough for some quotes, that are too long or too hard to be illustrated. I spent my time much more in developing the concept for each quotes, rather than making the illustrations. Because once I got the right concept, everything came out of my head and my hand like a waterfall. 

After I finished the design, I shared them to Diana, asking for her feedback. As this is a collaboration project between two minds, so I received a lot of feedbacks from Diana (she's a very detailed lady, y'all must know). If you think that my illustrations went straight to the publisher soon after I finished them, you are wrong. There are a lot of layouts and illustrations that ended up in my hard disk, because they are somewhat off the #88LOVELIFE concept. Those feedbacks are like the unwritten rules and guidelines to make #88LOVELIFE like how you see it today. Below are some of the layouts that are not lucky enough to be in the book. 

It's good to receive feedbacks that are not pushy. Because then I still have my own space to exercise the illustrations more. Below are my personal favorites, which didn't make it to the publisher. I love them anyway, I think it's fun to publish it here in my blog :)

If you have questions related to illustrations or graphic design, write them in the comment box below. I'd be happy to answer! :)


  1. The fact that I still remember all these quotes because I read Diana's blog for so long! :)

    The cupcake illustration is my fave!

  2. Though they're not published, but still look so lovely, kak! I'm so curious about the making of #88lovelife illustrations. Did u mostly use pen tablet or you made them manually? :D

    1. Thank you so much! I mostly did them digitally using a tablet (bamboo wacom). I did the sketches manually first, then finished them on photoshop :)

    2. Aha i see! thank you, Kak dinda! :D

  3. Cute illustrationsss!!!<3<3
    Yg last picture lucu banget :D


  4. Bahkan yang unpublished pun terlihat sangat kerennya :D


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