Aug 24, 2015

#88LoveLife in Bali [Day 1]

Flew to Bali with #88lovelifehunt winners, Rina and Rahel! 

Sleepy faces~

I was flying early in the morning on Friday (took a day of office leave) and arrived before mid day in Bali. The last time I went to Bali was around...... 2 years ago. I've been to Bali for many times, mostly with my family (my aunt, not my parents) and we stayed in Legian most of the times. My aunt is not a jalan-jalan type of person, so we went around the hotel only. Summary is that for many times I went to Bali, I have never explore the island as much as I should have. 

So this time, as it's #88LoveLife 'holiday', I gave a long list of places-to-go-in-Bali to my publisher team. The list covered most of the beaches and cafes I've been wanting to go since a while ago. We managed to tick some of the wish list. Find out by scrolling down this post!

First stop after check in at the hotel is Sea Sircus! I've seen many pictures of this turquoise restaurant and a lot of my friends have been there too. This place is bright (natural light) and colourful, which is the main reason why I put them in the list. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours too!

Then we headed out to Tegalwangi beach. It was quite far from Seminyak, where Sea Sircus is, our driver drove the car as fast as he could. We arrived at Tegalwangi beach just in time before the sun set. The beach is down over a cliff, walking down the cliff was such a challenge for me. Next time I'll make sure I have my sneakers to climb down the rocky 'stairs'. Oh, Tegalwangi is actually the beach near Rock Bar. You can see Rock Bar from a far when you're at Tegalwangi.

Love love love seeing the corals!

After the sun completely set, we asked our driver to take us to Potato Head. Luckily we got the seat next to the beach, with many pillows, not sofa. The sky that night was wonderful. Clear sky with generous amount of stars. I have never seen stars so many like that night. A happy 1st day in Bali!

Pictures taken with Sony Kawaii Camera (DSC KW-11)

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  1. What an amazing get-a-way to Bali! And yes, the Sea Circus will be on my list, the next time I go to Bali, looking forward for more place recommendation :)

    Happy 70th Indonesia!


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