Jul 21, 2015

Surabaya: Colourful Walls and Yummy Foods!

A few pictures from my last trip to Surabaya with Diana for #88LoveLife book signing. 
I had so much fun in the city! 

Reasons why I love Surabaya:

It's a big city just like Jakarta, but somehow still a laid back side where you can enjoy the society and the surroundings. So the city feels so much like Jakarta 5 years ago when everything is much loveable. 

Heaven for foodie. Everything is soooo yummy!! It's a true heaven for you who love savoury and spicy food. I tried pecel Bu Kus - a big portion of rice served with steamed veggies and nut sauce on top and a big nutty crackers on the side (which we call rempeyek). I don't eat veggies regularly so I was a bit hesitant at first. But the nut sauce was the bomb. I LOVE BU KUS. LOL. Then I tried ayam penyet Bu Kris, which is actually available in Jakarta but I still haven't tried it until my Surabaya visit. I believe the sambal was made in heaven, it was sooooo good. Make sure you order the fried meatballs too. They're a perfect couple!!

The street is not concrete grey like Jakarta. The government somehow keeps the street arts visible in the main streets, which make the city alive and very unique! Diana and I are having the same interest toward street art. We took some pictures in front of the street art near to our hotel. Couldn't help it!

I'm a true hunter for colourful doors and walls at heart. Surabaya is full of colour, I easily spot colourful spaces on the street. Love it! If I don't live in Jakarta, I'm sure Surabaya will be my home town. I love the city, excited to go there more often!

Posed as greeny grass with my #88LoveLife other half

The most authentic soto ambengan Pak Sadi, he stares at you even on the plate. Lol.

Pecel Bu Kus, OMG. The portion is huge but I successfully ate them all. 
Too yummy oh gosh now I need one.

Juanda airport terminal 2.. Much cooler than CGK! Hahaha

Colourful walls and doors make me so happy 

Snap some pictures around the hotel. One of the reasons why I love Surabaya, full of street art!

Flew back home with my favourite flight :)

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