Jul 19, 2015

Play to Share

Play to Share, the charity event founded by my high school friends was a success one, Alhamdulillah. A quick behind the scene story.. So me and my friends (we are SMA 28 Jakarta graduates) usually hold a charity event during Ramadhan. It's not an annual event, but we did it almost every year. Previously we went to the orphanage to give some donations only. The next year we went to a different orphanage and made a mini library for the kids. The books were donated from our friends and relatives. This year, the idea was to go and have fun with the kids in museums. The idea popped up through whatsapp chats in the group around 2 weeks before the day. Then after some brainstorming and discussions, we decided to open the event for public - which means there were volunteer opportunities for those who'd like to be the chaperones. I'm so happy that we had an amazing amount of donation in just four days. The calculation was still escalating until a day before the event. Not only going to museums, but we also gave the kids new bags and a set of Al-Quran, which we hope could be useful for them. The rest of the donation was given to the orphanage for their needs. I call it a success because not only that we gathered friends and relatives to donate as in materially sharing, but also the kids were so happy throughout the day! Even though it was soooo soooo sooooo hot (and the kids were fasting as well), but we can see their big smiles. Especially when we were at the science and technology museum! A few snaps I managed to take during the trip to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

I'm so proud of my friends, we did it! Thank you to everyone who have donated and even joined as chaperone during the museum visits. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by people who are very positive and kind hearted :)

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