Jul 10, 2015


Currently feeling uninspired and constantly wake up - work - go to sleep. Feels like I’m in a phase where I’m just being careless of what I want in the near future. Maybe this is the result of being over busy with projects and my body just don’t want to do something yet. I have a lot of plans for this year, but I haven’t start any of them yet because I simply don’t feel like doing it yet. I don’t know whether this is good or not, but I know that I gotta start real soon before 2015 ends.

I miss my blog, a looootttt…. But I just don’t have the mood to write. Help help help!

Oh well, a few things I did recently is that I’m back at the gym. This year I’ve had several kinds of workout like evening run, muay thai and bodytec. But since I had my ankle sprained 3 months ago, I stopped all kinds of work out I was doing. Because my ankle couldn’t bare any kind of pressure or movements. I had it swollen for times by just walking or running a bit when crossing the street. I stored my heels in the closet because I couldn’t wear it yet until my ankle is fully recovered. Now, after more than 3 months since I got my ankle twisted, it’s still swelling when I finish work out at the gym. But I can handle it, the massage cream can fix it. I gotta work out because all those passiveness I had a few months ago has given me extra fat to my body and I definitely don’t like it. It’s so weird that I rarely eat rice (major carb source) and eat more veggies, fruits and oats but I still gained weight. Well, it’s not that being fat is not pretty, it’s simply because my clothes are now too fitted and some others are just don’t fit anymore. I start to wear baggy clothes to cover here and there. I’m back at the gym because I want to wear my old clothes! *finger crossing* I gotta achieve my target in 3 months, I’ve hired a personal trainer - I’m being very serious this time. 

Aside from my work out plan, I realise that I’ve became so emotional when I’m driving and that’s not good. I started driving on February and soon I realised that this city’s infrastructure is a mess and there are a plenty of people who are not a smart driver out there. I can’t understand why some cars are tend change lines without giving turn signal. I can’t understand why some cars couldn’t patiently queue on a line and instead they are trying to get in the queue by rudely pushing from the sides. I can’t understand why some motorcycles don’t even look to left and right before they make a turn. I can’t understand why some motorcycles don’t even see the traffic light, they just go as if it’s green all the time. And the list is still counting… Part of safe driving is letting the other drivers around you predict what you will do. Using your turn signals is not difficult, it’s a way to communicate with the cars around you, it’s for your own safety. I used to yell and swear in my car. My anger explodes easily when driving. It didn’t happen when I go everywhere by bus or taxi, like I always do before I got my own car. I shortly realise that my car could be a pool of negativity if I don’t stop yelling and keep on following my anger when driving. Now I’m still learning on how to let those drivers who are monsters to just go before me. I’m adjusting to be not too emotional when driving. I hope this goes well. Lol.

I’m currently seeking for a holiday. I’m thinking about solo traveling to Tokyo or visiting my cousin (who just got her permanent resident card, #omgwhat!) in Stockholm. I’ve been to Tokyo twice, but I didn’t explore it as much as I wanted to. If you’ve been to Japan, you must have the feeling of missing the country too much that it hurts. But traveling to Stockholm is also a very interesting idea. As Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I haven’t been there before, Stockholm looks very appealing to me. What do you think? Tokyo or Stockholm?


  1. Iyah, Dinda sekarang jarang ngeblog yah ehehe
    akunya juga kengen postingan baru di blog kamu
    Sukses terus yah dan tetap menginspirasi :)

  2. because you've visited tokyo, now it's stockholm turn!
    been there and definitely an amazing experience din :)

  3. Duuuh Kak sama banget! tiap abis nyetir apalagi dalam waktu lama hampir seharian jadi lelah physically and emotionally, btw good luck workoutnya dan I vote for Stockholm Kak hihihi


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