Jun 20, 2015

My Time Machine iPod

For me, an iPod is more than just an iPod. I bought this iPod with my first salary as a store supervisor 5 years ago. I will never give this iPod to anyone, nor sell it to someone. It's only 8GB big, but those 8GB means everything to me. I don't always sync this iPod with my new songs library, I like to keep this iPod as a memory box to me. I put it in shuffle whenever I'm driving. Often it makes my heart skips a little when hearing an old song that brings out all the memories which I forgot I still have in my brain. It brings me good and bad memories. It's like a time machine. Also, I think my iPod has a magic in it. The shuffle mode can read my mood correctly, for multiple times. How do you love your iPod? Does it read your mood like mine?


  1. I don't own any iPod but I use my old Nokia E71 (est.2008) to listen to music nowadays! So I know exactly how you feel about that iPod :') and again, totally can relate! <3

  2. Hi, I am Tammy. I totally agree with you about the Ipod. Unfortunately it's lost now, and i felt like half of my memories were gone


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