Jun 19, 2015

My Dream Board and My Graphic Design Class at Cerita Kita


*judging time*

*with Media Friesna*

*with Agnes*

Two weeks ago I taught a graphic design class at Cerita Kita Casting Call event. Cerita Kita is a new website by Clean & Clear and Gogirl! Magazine. There were 50 finalists who are chosen to be Cerita Kita’s contributors. During the event, there were 5 classes at one time. My graphic design class, styling class with Media Friesna, beauty class with Agnes Oryza, writing class with Anita Moran and photography class with Heret. I had 7 girls in my class, less than how I usually have in my past workshops, but it gave me the opportunity to share more tips, stories, and talk with the girls. Most of the girls are still high school and early college, I’m surprised by how skilful they are already. The challenge was to create a digital dream board. At the end of the event, 2 girls were chosen as winners from my class. I personally love this kind of event (and wish I had similar events when I was in high school), because the girls can grow their talents and have this experience as their first professional project - which will be fruitful when they are entering the real work life. Good luck girls, you deserved it!

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