May 24, 2015

Recent Purchases on Book, Beauty, and Style

Had a me-time by shopping for some stuffs all alone. Beauty, book and style. 
Scroll down to see the whatnot.

My favorite lip balm, Nivea Cherry Fruity Shine. It gives a natural red shade on my lip and moisturises my lip really well. But lately it's hard to find the Cherry in the drug store. This one I got in Watsons Singapore last week.

Makeup pouch (how cute is that unicorn?!), chandelier earrings and a body mist.

A close up look of the chandelier earrings. It's enormously big but I don't care, the bigger the better.

Quiet! Finally I got this book! It's one of the last two copies in Periplus at Pondok Indah Mall. Yaaayy!

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