May 5, 2015

#88LOVELIFE - Photo Diary of The Singapore Book Signing

Some pictures from our #88LOVELIFE visit to Singapore last month. Me and Diana were pretty nervous to have the book signing there, you know.. It’s not Indonesia, do we have readers there? Will the hype be more than our book signing in KL? Will we have guests at the book signing? Basically we were so nervous and tried to have no expectation at all. 

I would like to say huuuuge thanks to Souher, a reader, a new friend of mine, who helped us to arrange the event in Singapore. I was asking for some cafe recommendations and Souher gave me event proposals! We then decided to have the book signing at Rouse. The owner and staffs at Rouse are so kind and helpful. I tried their cappuccino and it was good, gotta go there again when I visit Singapore next time. 

Anyway, the book signing went really well! It was raining but we still had a lot of readers coming in, thank you so much! The place was full and we started the chit chat with me and Diana, and Nina from Tweexis Little Booth as the host. Also Emina, our sponsor, who also involved in our trip. The event wouldn’t be that well if we had no help from everyone who involved. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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