Apr 17, 2015

My Emina Playground

As you probably have seen my previous post about my collaboration with Emina, I'd like to share you some stories from my workshop last week. I had a lot of fun during the beauty class and workshop. Scroll down and click more to read the whole story!

Pull and Bear coat, Curious dress, H&M necklace, UP shoes, Stupkid shell purse and brooches

Last month I had a pretty busy Sunday at Dia.Lo.Gue for my beauty class and workshop with Emina. It was pretty hectic but quite fun. The seats were full, thank you soooo much for participating! :)

The event was started with a beauty class, I shared how I usually apply my make up, starts from the base to the most important things to do: applying eyeliner and lipstick. We were using all Emina products, the BB cream, loose powder, compact powder, cheek blush, eye brow pencil, eye shadow, eyeliner and of course lipstick. I've tried all Emina products and I gotta say that they're good. I love the compact powder, it's so light but still covers my face decently. Second, the cheek blush. It's like a magic in a small tube. The cheek blush is a liquid blush in white. Yes, white. But after you apply it to your cheek, it will be blushing pink. The pink looks slightly not match with my face because I have this olive skin, but apparently I was wrong. The cheek blush really blends with my skin tone and creates this natural blushing cheek. I'm using it quite often now, love it! Alsoooo, my most favorite Emina is the lip color balm. In this My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm collaboration, I'm representing the bright fuchsia lip color balm, which being called as Shopaholic Queen. When I first saw the lip color balm, it looks too bright for me. I like nude and dark vampy lipstick, I've tried some fuchsia but it doesn't look good on me (or simply I don't have the guts to wear bright lipstick). I tried the Shopaholic Queen and surprisingly it looks good and I like it! I really like how it pops up on my face. After you apply your lipstick, take a tissue and press it over your lips. Avoid sticking a tissue in between your lips and pressing down because it can cause your lipstick to come off unevenly. Reapply your lipstick and blot again for some long lasting lip color! I pressed a piece of tissue to create a matte effect on my lips. Not only that, the lip color balm stays almost all day long, even after I had meals and drinks. It is so pigmented that you don't have to apply it again and again to get the exact pink. Love it!

Besides beauty class I also taught a digital coloring workshop. I shared my tips and tricks in digital coloring on Photoshop. Everyone looked so excited, curious and eager to try. I hope what I shared during the workshop would be useful for all of you who attended the workshop :)

At the end of the workshop, everyone got a cute box written as Keepsakes and Treasures, containing Emina makeup. The container box is really cute, pink and polka dot. The box is full with Emina cosmetics as you can see in the picture below.

I really had a great time at Emina workshop, I hope the attendees had a great time too! :)

Pictures by Regita Kurniavi and me.


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  2. kiss kiss kak dinskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......... kangeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn


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