Mar 26, 2015

Why I Love Kate Spade's Newsletter

Do you subscribe to newsletters? Have you ever felt like your inbox is cluttered by unimportant newsletters? Well yea I do feel that. I subscribed to some brands and e-commerce that I love, but they're turning into annoying creatures when it comes into weekly email promo, sale announcement email, etc etc etc. Unsubscribe. 

There is one brand that I subscribed to, I feel happy whenever I receive their email. Weird huh? Pretty much. But that is what happened between me and Kate Spade. There's a magic in their email hahaha. Basically I love Kate Spade. I love their brand image, colorful, fun, happy go lucky. I love how Kate Spade successfully translated their brand image to their digital channels (read: website, blog, social media).

Let's just talk about their newsletter. First, they write the email subject in lower case and sometimes partnered with double dots. You know, just like a friend sends you an email. A simple thing that is genius. No matter how often their newsletter email is, I don't feel annoyed because I don't have that stranger screaming for attention in my inbox. Take a look at my inbox screenshot below. At first I thought it was a typo, but then I realised that it is a strategy. A brilliant one.

Second, their email is always an eye candy. Short sentences, bright colors combined with pastels, eye pleasing layout, and cute animations (gif). Even though I never bought them online (because the shipping and local customs would be pretty hectic), but I often click the email that leads to their website. Their newsletter is a successful one, at least for me hahaha.

Here let me show you some of my fave images from Kate Spade's newsletter.

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