Mar 6, 2015

About Wedding Makeup

Remember my post about Bridestory? I’ve been visiting their website quite often lately because I just love to see the pictures. Pretty pictures make me happy! Speaking about wedding, how’s your dream wedding be like?

A simple and intimate wedding is my dream wedding party. I don’t want a grand wedding party full of hundreds of invitees like a normal Indonesian wedding. I want a wedding party where I know all the guests very well, which are my closest family and best friends. I want a wedding party where I can mingle around the guest and enjoy the moment together. I want a simple and memorable wedding reception. Being simple doesn’t mean neglecting the details. I’m a perfectionist so everything gotta be perfect, from the makeup to the decoration. 

Of course brides gotta have their best looks in the wedding day. Not only their aura or the bride-to-be glow, but also because their looks are supported by the best wedding makeup artists, wedding dress and accessories. The most important thing about makeup is it must not create a new version of you. Makeup should enhance the natural beauty of you instead. I browse on some makeup inspirations and makeup vendors on Bridestory and mesmerised by the beauty touch done by Petty Kaligis. The makeup result looks amazingly beautiful, but not too much. You know, sometimes you go to a wedding reception and find that the bride looks a bit scary with their black eye makeup or looks completely full makeup but doesn’t look pretty? Of course I don’t want that. It's the reason why I want Petty Kaligis on my wedding day *blush* Just look at the makeup below.

This is why I love browsing for inspirations on Bridestory. The website serves as a meeting point for brides and grooms-to-be and wedding vendors. It aims to save time and effort to allow couples to put more focus on the joys of getting married. The joy of getting married, not the stress and dramas of getting married. 

Have you check the website yet? Which part of Bridestory do you like the most?


  1. Mb tau gak kisaran PL harga mb Petty ? oia terustau ga blushon nya pake merek ap? tks ya

    1. Haiiii maaf aku gak tau, mungkin bisa langsung tanya mbak Petty nya langsung :)

  2. You have shared such interesting and useful details for wedding makeups. I love to keep myself simple, as I don’t like dark makeups. You shared amazing tips here. Well it’s my reception party at wedding venues Los Angeles and I am going to use all of these tips for makeup.

  3. I like the eye makeup she is wearing, it is giving her eyes a highlight which definitely required for bride in the wedding.
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