Feb 23, 2015

Styling for Hunt Street

Last week I helped my friend, Sabrina, to do the styling and take pictures for the Instagram account of Hunt Street. Do you know how it feels like to do a happy-go-lucky thing like take flatlay pictures and post it to Instagram, and suddenly a friend asks you to do it seriously for them? Of course I said yessss! It took a day to finish everything. Pretty tiring but full of fun. The best thing is..... the picture I took and posted on @hunt_street was regrammed by Maison Valentino!! So before the photo shoot, my goal was to be regrammed by Maison Valentino, because I know that Valentino is one of the most active luxury brands on Instagram. It was a Valentine's day, so the chance to be regrammed is pretty big. So we did the styling for the white rockstud heels. It's a special one because it was only available in New York, as a part of their New York Capsule Collection to celebrate the opening of Valentino's newest store on 5th Avenue. And of course, the white rockstud is available at Hunt Street!

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