Feb 17, 2015

My Friends Are Getting Married!

Being 25, my life is no longer surrounded by people who are whining over their lack of skill in doing their finances as an early jobber. My life is no longer surrounded by friends who are so proud in their job titles and yet so stressful in the work load. Being 25 means I am now surrounded by friends who are in serious relationships, engagement, marriage, having babies, and so on. The Whatsapp group is no longer talking about which cafe should we go on the weekend for a girl talk. The girls are now talking about their life being newly weds, some others are sharing their engagement or wedding preparation (read: getting stressed) and some others are still busy answering the most annoying question of the year “Kapan nikah?”. The bell is ringing and it alerts me that I am in that phase right now.

The girls mentioned how busy and chaotic their preparations are. They shared me some references from the internet, some of them are from Bridestory. which was mentioned as well in Kak Andra’s  and Agnes’ blogs. I gave them a hit a few weeks ago and it gave me a thought that all those pretty wedding pictures in Pinterest are actually approachable..

Basically Bridestory is a pool of wedding vendors, pretty pictures, pastels, and dreamy tones. I gotta be honest with you this time, I’m a Pinterest addict and I have a secret pin board which entitled as “My Kind of Wedding”. My secret pin board is full of all references of my dream wedding. My secret pin board can only ends there and leads no where. Bridestory is full of wedding inspirations and somehow represents girls wishes in having their dream wedding *waving at myself*. Lots of references for wedding decoration, wedding photography, videography, wedding makeup, wedding venue, wedding cake, wedding planner, reception, wedding dress, wedding invitation, wedding gifts and find the real wedding vendors and sort them by budget. 

My fave feature is actually not the pretty pins, but the blog. I love to read people’s stories and tips, Bridestory’s blog has it all. It has wedding stories (like this one from Intan and Olaf's wedding) to a deep thought about trust in the relationship tips category. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years and I realised that trust is the most important thing in a relationship. You can not build a strong relationship without trust. I’m body and soul agree with this post. Also to this one that says saying sorry is not enough. Well, there are a lot of other posts that I like in Bridestory, here are some of them.

The best gift we can give to our partner and just let them be all they can be. 

Women need love and men need respect as much as they need air to breathe.

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