Feb 1, 2015

Marina Body Essence Blog Competition!

I might not share my beauty routines often in this blog, but I’m actually very concerned in beauty products, especially skin care. I’m one of those girls who love lotions, cream, butter (or whatever you call it). I believe that taking care of your skin from the earliest stage is one of the best investment you can do for your body. Your skin protects you 24/7 for years and it is a mandatory to take a good care of it because our skin is very delicate. I read an article about skin care that showed a woman in her 50s with a very beautiful skin. In the article, the woman said that she’s very concerned in skin care and that she’s been using body lotion and fellow moisturizing products since she was young. Those moisturizers are the main reason why her skin is still glowing in her 50s. I read that article when I was in high school and that phrase is sticking in my mind forever. I’m a skin care junkie since then.

This time I tried Marina, a very popular brand in Indonesia which you can easily find the products in the supermarket (or even mini markets). I tried Marina Body Essence which is the new variant of Marina UV White. Body essence, that sounds a bit different from lotions, right? I find out that Marina Body Essence is actually a skin care product formulated from natural ingredients, they are using yoghurt and super fruit acai berry. The texture is slightly thicker than the body lotion, but it absorbs fast into my skin and doesn’t leave my skin greasy. One of my mandatory in skin care products is that they gotta be non greasy, who wants to have a greasy skin in the middle of a meeting? LOL. Anyway, back to my main point. As you all know, we live in the beautiful tropical country which has a very very very strong sun during the day. There’s a fact that says Indonesian girls are exposed 4 hours (in average) by the sun, everyday. To survive and protects your skin from the unwanted ones, of course we need protections from the skin care. Marina Body Essence has extra SPF 30 PA++ that will be able to protects our skin from the sun exposure (hello, over exposure by the sun can lead to sun burnt or even worse skin cancer). With all the formulas I mentioned above, Marina Body Essence could be absorbed easily by the deeper skin layers and give an ideal brighter skin without redarkening your skin. Well of course that’s a good bonus for my skin.

I’m not only sharing about my experience about using Marina Body Essence, but also announcing that you can also share your experience of using Marina Body Essence and win the blog competition. I’m always excited by the idea of winning a competition, so I hope you do too!

It’s easy to join the competition, here are what you need to do:
  1. Share your experience after using Marina Body Essence
  2. Put the Marina Blog Competition widget in your post and publish it to your blog
  3. Submit the blog link to Marina Body Essence Blog Competition Official Website
This competition is still going on until February 16th 2015. You still have time to try your luck on winning Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 or Lenovo smartphone, so what to wait? Good luck!

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