Dec 21, 2014

Why I Prefer Good Books Over 50% Sale at Retail Shops

Do you love books? I LOVE BOOKS. SO MUCH. DEEPLY. My favorite place is actually the book store, I could spend hours in places like Aksara, Kinokunya, and Periplus. I prefer to go to book stores alone instead of having someone with me, because I just love to see books to books, pages per pages, minutes by minutes, hours..... Since I was a kid, book stores are my fave place to go. I remember my Mom used to buy some comics and kiddies novels for me (Roald Dahl is my fave writer!), like 5 books at one time. Then I finished them all in less than 1 week. When we were at the cashier to pay for the books, I remember what my mom used to say to me: "Remember, don't read it all at once. Five pages in max for a day, so you still have the book for a month". Such a nerdy kiddo :p

Until now, I still prefer book stores over retail shops. Giant SALE banners might invite me to come in to the retail stores, but I still can hold my self from impulsive shopping. I don't need what I don't need, I don't want what I don't see. I often found my self walking off the retail stores without any shopping bag in hand. Its kinda different when I walk to book stores, mostly this is my reaction..

For me, Rp 500k is waaaay to expensive for a hand embroidered shirt, but nothing is ever too expensive for a book. I'm seeing books as investment. It is where you can learn about things that you don't get from school or university. And not only books, I'm also a big fan of magazines. ViVi, Frankie, Haco and Lula are my all time favorite magazines. Whenever I see their latest issues in the book stores, its hard to keep my eye off of them. Everyone has their own weakness and mine is seeing good books and magazines. Buying expensive books and magazines is a guilty pleasure for me. Sometimes it ruins my saving plan. But I love them so much, what more can I say? 

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