Nov 16, 2014

My Favorite Lipsticks

Lipstick is one of my favorite make up items after liquid eyeliner. Here are my favorite ones!

Revlon Colorburst #65
I've been using this lipstick since 2012 and this one is my daily staple. I was not a big fan of make up back then, I rarely put powder on my face (because I thought it would only worsen my skin problem) and only had lip balm everyday. A dear friend who was very concern to how I look, Sabrina, confronted me of how unattractive I was. HAHAHAHAHA THANKS SAB. I was laughing hard when she took me to Revlon on a lunch time and picked some lipstick, eye shadow, blush on, etc etc for me. I'm using the lipstick she chose for me ever since. 

Revlon Super Lustrous #058
Last year, I was looking for magenta-purplish lipstick. I was about to get a YSL, but then I thought it would be a waste because I wouldn't be using it that often. So I tried to find a cheaper option and found this goodie baby. When I feel like being too pale, I put this lipstick on.

Make Up For Ever - Rouge Artist Intense #46
Around 2 years ago, I was so bored with my make up kit and felt like I need something different. So on a lunch time, I randomly went to Make Up For Ever (my office building was right next to Plaza Senayan so I could go there any sec). I was looking only a glimpse of the make up display and asked the shop assistant for a dark wine lipstick. The shop assistant gave me this #46 and I bought it without even trying it. Luckily, it was the best choice ever! I love this lipstick so much. The color is perfect and it stays on my lips even after I had drinks or meals. 

NYX Transylvania
When the Lorde vibe is trending, I began looking for a darker lipstick. Well, I basically not a big fan of bright lipstick, so my choice is always around nude, terracotta, wine and any dark colors. I found this lip cream is perfect, its affordable and the color is dark purple. I've been using the nude color for several times and I like the texture and how it looks on my lips. Matte, but it doesn't make you look like dehydrated (you know what I mean). This lip cream is perfect for a 'vampire look' make up, I'm using it mostly at night because it looks a bit too much for day time. If I want to wear it for day time, I mix it with my Revlon Super Lustrous #058. They're my favorite combo. 

I'm now waiting for my Lime Crime (Wicked) order to come. Super exciteeedd, I tried it once and I'm in love! Anyway, what's your favorite lipstick?

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