Nov 9, 2014

Girl Friends

Today I went out for an extended brunch with my high school friends, girls only. It was such a different day for me, I rarely go out with my girl friends. Well, the last time we met was on October, for Esya's engagement party. But we didn't talk much that night, because there were many other guests. As I remember, the last time we had this girly day was last year, when I just started being a freelancer. That was too long, right? But girl friends are like diamonds. They are still true friends no matter how rare you meet them. We talk about everything for hours. Even though you only say a few points, girl friends understand you so well that they get the whole point of what you are about to say. It was such a lovely day. I need to do this more often. I know I've been drowning in works and projects all the time. I need to spare my time for my self and friends more often.

So, how was your weekend? :)

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