Oct 3, 2014

How to Be The Coolest Intern (Part 1)

Lately I got questions (from you my readers!) about internship, so okay let’s talk about it. I’ve been in both positions, the intern and the employee who looks for an intern. So I can share you bits and bobs about it.

I was an intern, twice, before I graduated from university. Being an intern was one of my dreams. It seems really cool, especially if you’re an intern in a fashion magazine. Well, it was my thought at that time, even ‘fashion magazine intern’ sounds really cool, right? Also, my internship dream was highly influenced by Lauren Conrad in The Hills, she was an intern at Vogue at that time. 

There was no requirement from my college to take internship program, it was my own initiative to have one - because I was desperately wanting to be an intern! In my first year of uni, I sent my resume to several magazines. But I had no call back. Then in my 2nd year, Gogirl Magazine held this internship program. I applied, went to Gogirl’s office with two friends who applied to be interns as well. A few weeks after that, I got a call from Gogirl - I got accepted as their intern! Too bad that my other two friends didn’t get their luck. Then, during my 3rd year in uni, I applied to several advertising agencies to be their intern. I wanted to have a bite of the agency world. I had my last internship as account executive in Fortune Indonesia. Long story short, I learnt a lot of things from my internships and I’d like to share it with you all in a few posts.

Question: How to get that intern position that you’ve been dreaming of?  

First, prepare your resume (CV). When I was an intern, I didn’t know how to write a good resume. I was seeking to be an art director intern, so I made a ‘creative’ resume which I thought was cool at that time. My ‘creative’ resume is a piece of crap hahaha so many colors, unreadable typeface, most importantly, the informations were not clearly stated. A year ago, when I was still working in ad agency, I was looking for an intern to help me doing my day job. I received lots of resumes. I saw both common and creative resumes. Well, creative resume is a good idea, if its well executed then you’ll get a call. But if the execution is bad, it will go to the trash bin. So pay attention on your creative resume if you’re thinking about to make one. 

Here are some tips to write good resume as intern:
  • Put your main information on the top, side by side with a nice picture of yours. Grab the attention on the very 1st second when the employee sees your resume. Informations needed are name, contact, university, social media accounts, blog address, and past experience (one or two, if you have any).
  • Put your last GPA in the resume, yes we sometimes judge you based on your GPA. Especially if you don't have any kind of working experience stated in your resume.
  • Activities in campus. If you’re quite active and involved in several uni activities, we would love to see it in your resume. Personal projects are very welcome! An intern candidate with lots of working experience and activities will definitely get a call for interview.
  • Avoid writing in long paragraphs, use bullet points instead. 
  • Save as PDF, do not send your .doc file. Keep the file size small, less than 500kb is perfect.

Got your resume? Hold up, don’t send it right away by email. I’ll tell you more tips about sending your resume and how to make people notice you within seconds by reading your email. Next post will be up in a few days! :)


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    1. Part 2 nya udah ada lho di http://bit.ly/coolestintern2 :)

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