Sep 15, 2014

Quick Trip to Bandung

I have soooo many things to tell you right now, but I'm too sleepy and tomorrow is Monday which means I gotta wake up earlier because the traffic would be a good mood disaster. Oh well.

I went to Bandung this weekend for a some work. It was a really short trip, but I enjoy the fresh air, blue sky and the greens. I woke up this morning in 19°C, its a different thing for a Jakartan girl like me. I usually wake up in 25°C hahaha. My eyes were so pleased when seeing the green scenery at Cipularang. I love toll roads.

Yesterday I had dinner at Fashion Pasta in Dago Resort. I had pizza and it was delicious. I also had panna cotta, but I don't really like how it tasted. The restaurant was pretty nice and not crowded. It was perfect with the cool weather. When I got back at the hotel, I saw this coffee shop called Jack Runner right next to my hotel. The exterior seemed pretty catchy so I decided to have grab some coffee. This morning I went there when it was just opened, so there was no one and I can only order the coffee because the food wasn't available yet. I really like the interior, the corners and the walls were pleasing my eyes. The coffee was really good and I was surprised that it was really cheap if being compared to coffee shops in Jakarta (especially in Senopati area). I paid Rp 43,000 for a cappuccino and  (I forgot what its called) a cappuccino with marshmallow. That's really cheap! I usually paid Rp 40k for one cup of coffee! >_<

Salami pizza at Fashion Pasta


All pictures are taken with Lenovo S850 and edited on VSCO


  1. First, its almost impossible for me to believe dat all pictures of yours that taken by a phone! Cakeppp banget kak kualitasnya <3 I saw some of them on your instagram. i just went to Bandung two weeks ago and didn't get any info about this coffeeshop ): seems it's really a great place to hangout! Have a good time, kak!


    1. Righttt, the phone is my real companion right now. I even left my Canon at home and only bring my Lenovo whenever I go out hahaha. You should try the coffee shop, the atmosphere is really nice in the morning :)


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